Ongoing Faculty Research, Proposal Level, and Publications/ Faculty of Entrepreneurship & Business Administration


Completed Research


Knowledge Management and Entrepreneurial Performance -Case of Telecom Companies in Uganda

Mr. WesongaAkisoferi

Mr. Ernest Abaho

Mr. GalimakaDenish


Fully funded and submitted


An examination of the Public Perceptions Towards Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Uganda

Mr. Vincent Bagire

Ms. Immaculate Tusiime

Mr. Kakooza John Bosco

Ms. Nalweyiso Grace

Fully funded and submitted


The Management and practice of meetings in organizations

Mr. Bagire Vincent

Ms. Byarugaba K. Jolly Ms. KyogabiirweJanat B.

 Fully funded and submitted


Management Development, Human Resource Competencies, Self Efficacy and Line Manager Involvement in Human Resource Issues in Public Universities in Uganda

Mr. Bagire Vincent

Ms. Byarugaba K. Jolly

Ms. KyogabiirweJanat B.

Fully funded and submitted


Manager’s Perceptions and Attitudes About Creativity and Innovation: Case of the Electronic and Print Media in Uganda

Ms. Edith M. Basalirwa

Mr. Jamil Sewanyana

Mr. Ernest Abaho

Ms. Sylvia Aarakit

Fully funded and submitted


Impact of University Entrepreneurial Education on Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Intention to Start a Business in Uganda

Dr. Warren Byabasahaija

Ms. Audrey Kawuki

Fully funded


Students attitude towards quantitative course units at MUBS, Can they be improved.

Mr. Freddie Semukono

Ms. Laura Orobia

Ms. Alice Arinaitwe



Awareness and Entrepreneurial use of Internet-Based Social Networking Sites Among SMES in Kampala

Dr. Warren Byabashaija

Ms. Julian Amanya

Fully funded

Research Manuscripts

  • 1999-2000; Production, Productivity, and Competitiveness in Uganda (part of a team under Makerere Institute of social Research, sponsored by EAGER.

  • 2001: The role and responsibility of business organizations in poverty reduction. Research grant – GBP 5000 from DFID, London, UK Completed 2003.

  • 2003-2004: Business skills and entrepreneurial success among rural women in commercial agriculture in Uganda. Research grant of USD 15000 from IFPRI.

  • 2005: The Effect of Entrepreneurial Education, Social Norms and Situational Factors on Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Intentions of Post-graduate Students in Uganda; Funded by Makerere University Business School.

  • 2007: Survey of Nascent entrepreneurs using Syracuse University Survey Response Name Pool; completed 2007.

  • 2008: Survey of Minority Owned Business in East Baton Rouge Parish; Funded by Baton Rouge Black chamber of Commerce. Lead researcher: Professor Richard McCline, College of Business, Southern University and A & M College, Baton Rouge, LA, USA.

  • Byabashaija, W. (2007). New Firm Emergence: The Significance of Social Embeddedness and Resource Bootstrapping to the Process of Nascent Firm Emergence(Doctoral dissertation).