·         Design & prepare new Programs


·         Proposed new programs in the Faculty; Bachelors of Project Planning and Management (BPPM), Masters in Project Planning and Management (MPPM), Bachelor of Creativity and Innovation (BCI), Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Small Business Development (BSBD), Diploma in Creativity and Innovation (DCI)

There are also other programmes that were introduced and these include; Certificate in Youth Enterprise Development and Management (CYEDM), Degree in Youth Entrepreneurship and Management (DYEDM), Certificate in Entrepreneurship Skills (CES)-Short term programmes.


·         Entrepreneurship Development as a course was reviewed and all programmes apart from BESBM were supposed to be taught using the following reviewed course outline.


·         The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Diploma in Business Administration (DBA), and Certificate in Business Administration were reviewed and were forwarded to the Registrar’s office.


·         There was a proposal to introduce project option and Strategic Management option on BBA Program, there was also a proposal to leave Finance option out of BBA and becomes only for B.COM. It was also proposed that the Strategic Management option be introduced on the MBA program.

·         Student enrollment especially on BESBM is still low while numbers are continually declining for BBA.


·         Direct competition from Makerere University offering the same programs as we are


·         Poor marketing especially on the Masters of Entrepreneurship so the enrolment is quite poor.


·         Attract more students


·         Market the Masters of Entrepreneurship especially to the BESBM students to increase on enrollment.


·         In-class career guidance to students by lectures and sessions to be organized the Head of Department and Deans.

·         Start running all the programmes proposed so as to increase funding to the Institution.


Get programs approved and validated

·         Faculty runs 2 Bachelors programs i.e. Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration.


·         Two existing programmes were reviewed i.e. Msc. Ent. (Master of Science in Entrepreneurship) and BESBM (Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management) and were forwarded to the Registrar’s office.

·         Process of getting programs approved and running takes long

Have the suggested programs which are approved by council running by the next academic year of 2016/2017

Teach students

·         We run orientation programs at Faculty level to update students on the running of the semesters and staff are invited to attend

·         Students are timetabled on time and lecturers are aware of the classes they are expected to take.

·         FEBA has been performing well with regard to

·         Workloads were extracted and each staff given maximum teaching hours

·         Holding regular academic meetings with students every beginning of semester


·         Nonpayment of extra load teaching hours for Lecturers


·         Balancing work load amongst the academic staff across different programmes has always been a challenge.  This is partly attributed to programmes taught from other faculties e.g. FVDE, FGSR, etc

·         The school admits students with disability and these are difficult to manage.

·         E-Learning implementation for all students across all MUBS Regional Campuses.

·         Internet access be made stable, available then later staff be inducted in e-teaching

·         Improve ICT infrastructure to support this e learning


·         Put in place infrastructure to cater for disabled students


Examine students

·         2 Course Works and final Examinations were successfully conducted for all programs and courses in both Semesters in AY 2014/15.

·         Marking of all masters, Bachelors and Diploma programs was done successfully in both semesters.

·         Faculty successfully held the Faculty and Examiners Board meetings on Feb.17 2015 to consider Sem. I  AY 2014/15 Exam. Results that were thereafter presented to the Academic Board   on Feb. 18, 2015. Faculty and Examiners Board meetings were held on August 31st 2015.

·         There is always a limited number of Academic Staff available to invigilate the week-end tests.

·         Laxity in the checking of students before entering Exam rooms, due to the limited working space resulting from over-crowding of students during the CWs.

·         Delays in payments of Invigilation allowances which demotivates staff.

·         The process of collection of Field Attachment final reports and the way marking is handled is still lax

·         Sometimes retake students overwhelm the physical infrastructure that had been planned.

·         Spread out course works to avoid overcrowding.


·         Facilitation for staff involved in the exercise


·         Continue sensitizing students about the importance of this exercise to their academic future.


·         Ensure that there is available physical infrastructure to cater for all students during the examination process especially retakes.


Compile results

·         Results for semester I and II Ay 2014/15 were compiled and released on time

·         Student complaints handled timely

·         Delays in submission of results from other departments affects when we ultimately release results.

·         There is always delay in the release of results because the system of checking of all the scripts by Administrators selected from various Faculties & Departments takes long

·         Time frame for handling results should be adequate to avoid mistakes.

·         Ensure that results are always submitted on time by the HODs especially for course units that fall within this Faculty



Graduate students

·         The 65rd Makerere University Graduation Ceremony successfully took place on Jan. 22, 2015. We graduated 779 BBA students and 150 BESBM students.

·          Staff members also graduated with Masters Degrees during the same ceremony.

o    Ismael Katumba/MSc Entrepreneurship

o    Shakillah Nagujja/ MBA

o    Sophie Namuyingo/MBA

o    Kevin Dorothy Akello/Bachelor Of Procurement

·         The 10th MUBS Graduation Ceremony for all Diploma and certificate students was held on May 29, 2015.

·         Allegations of change of results preceding the graduation ceremony

·         To urge the School Registrar to liaise with the Academic Registrar (MUK) on possibilities of enabling our students get their transcripts early


·         To have more staff benefit from the MUBS staff development programmes as a motivator for engagement


·         Look for extra funding to support future awards.

·         Plan and identify updated textbooks, journals and references

·         Draft list of textbooks, journals and references

·         Buy updated textbooks, journals and references

·         Some books were purchased and placed in the library

·         Some reading materials were prepared by the departments

·         Depending on availability of funding

·         Lack of funding to purchase

1.       Purchase relevant and new texts

2.       Subscribe to online resources that are cheaper or free

3.       Identify suppliers of on-line electronic books for students to access continuously

4.       Organize demonstration classes for students to familiarize themselves with on-line reading

·         Develop a budget for excellent student awards

·         Organize student meetings to recognize best performing students

·         Using the available budget, there was a meeting with students on backlog or those who had poor grades. Together with HODs, Dean met 22 BESBM students and 38 BBA in this category and took them through regulations and encouraged them to improve

·         There was also a meeting with students who excelled. This category catered for students on the Dean and Vice Chancellors’ lists and these were awarded with  certificates

·         the Dean College of Business Southern University- Dr. Donald Andrews offered a scholarship award to the best undergraduate Entrepreneurship student in remembrance of the former Dean Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration; late Dr. Warren Byabashaija (This scholarship award was established to recognize outstanding students enrolled 0n Entrepreneurship programs who had achieved positive academic records). during the MUBS graduation held on Friday May 29, 2015 the best performing student Ms. Nakanyike Margaret of BESBM was awarded 500$

·         Many of the students are ignorant about the regulation regarding poor performance.


·         Lack of funding to hold all the activities related to student affairs

·         Reduce the number of students on backlog by having timely sessions with them so they are made aware of the regulations before they fall victim.

·         Continue to reward best performing students to encourage them to continue

·         Increase on the number of graduate students

·         Reduce on failure rates by 10% excelling.

·         Look out for more funding to encourage more awards.


Participating in consultancy works or Short courses

·         One Research clinic was conducted for all Academic staff during the period.

·         Academic staffs are not adequately exposed to training / consultancy methodologies.

·         To conduct 2 (Two)ToT-Work shop in the period July to June 2016

·         To conduct one consultancy workshop



·         Identify the best academic staff for our programs.




·         There are 53 academic Members of fulltime Staff in the Academic departments i.e. 28 in the Dept. of Entrepreneurship. 25 Staff members are from the Business Administration Department 1 of whom is part time teaching staff.


·         Had 5 Staff Selection Committee meetings in period to consider cases of appointment, Contract renewal and promotion.



·         The challenge of teaching load in the department of Business Administration still persists due to the halt in appointment of new staff

·         Staff teaching on our programs are pooled from different faculties sometimes the rigor we use to recruit the best is not the same as others.

·         Academic staff identified and recruited at the level of GA often do not move up fast enough because of combining study with teaching.

·         To hold 2 Staff Selection Committee meetings by December 2015.

·         To focus on acquiring already highly qualified staff with PhD or with the necessary experience.

·         Conduct 1 TOTs for imparting skills to the Academic staff   by December 2015.



·         Recruit, select and recommend staff for appointment

·   The Faculty selection Committee recommended to the School’s Appointments Board:             persons for appointment;      persons for confirmation,    persons for promotion;    &  persons for contract     renewal among others

·   The committee also approved recommendations for staff from outreach centers to join departments i.e. Appointment of Ms. Maureen Tweyongyire/ Career Guidance center as Lecturer BAD, Ms. Diana Ntamu Nandagire/ Director Entrepreneurship Center as Lecturer Entrepreneurship, Ms. Janida Nakaziba/ As Assistant Lecturer Entrepreneurship Dept and Ms. Shakirah Nagujja/ Lecturer BAD

Staff turnover

1.       Mr. Jamil Ssewanyana resigned from School service

2.       Mr. Richard Odera/ a graduate Assistant in Business Administration resigned to pursue a scholarship opportunity in India for his Masters.


·         To continue recommending staff as and when the applications are submitted.

·         Train and develop staff

·         As part as mentorship, the Dean acted as Principal from January to April 2014

·         The department of Business Administration conducted field visits to give staff the practical experience of what they teach. Hands on Knowledge


·         More staff enrolling on the Masters and PhD to build capacity.

·         appoint staff at senior positions like Lecturers

·         Recruitment of more full time staff for Business Administration department.

·         Organize for more field visits.

·         Appraise and promote staff

The Faculty had built capacity and many of its staff has been chosen for big roles in the Institution e.g.

·         Dr. Moses Muhwezi was appointed as Ag Principal

·         Dr. Vincent Bagire/ Senior Lecturer department of Business Administration was appointed as Deputy Dean Faculty of Graduate Studies

·         Dr Isaac Magola appointed as Ag. HOD department of Business Administration

·         Mr. Suudi Nangoli a Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration was appointed as Dean Busitema on secondment.

·         Ms Susan Nalubega/ Accounts Assistant FEBA was promoted to the store’s Manager

·         Ms. Edith M. Basalirwa from Deputy Dean FEBA to Ag. Dean

The Annual Staff Appraisal was NOT conducted for all staff this Academic Year due to financial reasons affecting the School.

·         Plan for annual staff appraisal as required

·         Remunerate staff

·         Staff have been paid on time

Payment for extra teaching hours still a challenge

·         Ensure to clear the payments pending

·         Ensure that there are enough teaching staff and there is no need to pay for extra teaching hours.

·         Manage staff welfare

·         Modems were given out to senior staff

·         Senior staff were given offices


·         Provide for facilities that ensure staff welfare is maintained like sitting space, water dispensers

·         Motivate staff

·         Staff were funded to attend conferences i.e. Dr Vincent Bagire attended the Academy of Management Meeting in August 2014.

·         Staff were nominated and attended the various conferences like the Entrepreneurship Conference, AIMC Conference, ORSEA, Leadership Conference among others

Not enough funding

·         Recommended that team leaders allowance is reinstated and waiting feedback from Management.

·         Staff enroll for PhDs on Staff Development Program

·         Currently have 4 PHD students in the Department of Entrepreneurship on staff development and 3 PhD students from the Department of Business Administration



Limited funding for PhD


Work schedules for staff in this category suffer a lot especially when they are sitting their Exams.


There are constraints of identifying good scholarship opportunities.

·         To encourage other staff on the same path to relentlessly pursue their goals to the end and for some to take on professional training.






·         Receive ,Evaluate and approve proposals

·         The Faculty had one Research Meeting held on 24th November 2014. The Faculty received and considered 3 Research proposals namely;

1.       Antecedents of entrepreneurial intentions of entrepreneurship educators by Mr. Ismael Nkambwe Ms. Sharon Atukunda and Dr. Ernest Abaho

2.       Discovery versus creation of entrepreneurial opportunities: Practices among Ugandan Entrepreneurs by Mr. Christopher Kusemererwa and Dr. Ernest Abaho

3.       Perception and expectations of the industry about occupational competences of University graduates by Dr. Ernest Abaho, Prof. Waswa Balunywa and Ms. Maureen Tweyongyere

·         Very few researches being received from staff and even the little we receive we have failed to fund

·         Inadequate Research funding

·         Source for alternative funding for Research activities

·         Staff to opt for small articles in media print

·         Conduct research training and academic writing

·         Held a Research meeting on 24th November, 2014

·         Held a Research clinic on the 4th September 2015

·         Held a Research breakfast meeting on November 27th at New building upper.

Not enough funding

·         Conduct more research clinics

·         Encourage staff to present completed researches at conferences.

·         Encourage staff research activities

·         We successfully were able to have our graduate assistant’s co author with senior members of staff through mentorship.


·         Few staff got involved in research

·         Staff taking long to finalize research

·         Funding unavailability hindering research progress

·         Research also hindered by the huge workload by some staff especially in the department of Business Administration

·         Internet unavailability hindering research

·         Each academic staff to be involved in Faculty research

·         Hold a Training of Trainers workshop each Academic year

·         Increase research output  by 20%

·         Encourage more staff to publish in refereed journals.

·         mentorship of junior staff by co-researching with senior colleagues

·         proposal writing clinics

·         Encourage staff to attend international conferences

·         Mr Bashir Hassan Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration won the best paper presentation at the ORSEA conference in Nairobi of 2014.

·         Limited number of Presentations made both locally and internationally.

·         Limited Publications.

·         Lack of funding.

·         Increase the number of papers presented at international Conferences to at least ten (10)


·         Attract research funds


Not yet fully realized the ADB funding that is available

·         Get ADB funding for Research funding

·         Look out for other research grants

·         To effectively plan, manage and develop the faculty

Faculty Strategic plan was reviewed.


The budget for FY 2015/16  was drawn


Procurement plan was prepared & submitted in Feb.2015


Held Four (11) HODs committee meeting to consider various administrative matters


Attended and effectively participated in the Time- tabling Committee, invigilation, academic board, management and Deans committee meetings, the Irregularities committee, staff Disciplinary among others.

Lack of funds


Non adherence to procurement plans


Manual systems

·         Solicit for extra funding from other sources.


·         Plan and identify existing and potential stakeholders

·         The Dean & the Staff of the Faculty actively participated in fundraising for the “Ettoffaali” program on May 05, 2015.


·         The Dean attended the MUBS Internationalization Workshop that was facilitated by Dr. Olsen, the Vice Provost of Drake University on May 27, 2015.


·         The Dean attended a meeting with the Chinese Delegation from the University of Shenyang on Nov. 24, 2014.


·         Visiting Professors conducted meetings(research) with staff e.g. Prof Soeren, Prof Thilde, and Prof. Rosa Peter


·         Copenhagen Business School and MUBS collaboration hosted 20 Students from Denmark for an Entrepreneurship Field study program from 16th March 2015 -2nd April 2015


·         Funding for the ADB Innovation Court to be house under FEBA was approved.

·         Limited number of external linkages made with other academic Institutions.


·         Lack of Budget for the Coordination and Management of Linkages & collaborations


·         Endeavor to establish at least two more linkages in the By December 2015.


·         Coordinate & follow up on collaborations already made.



·         Request the School Management to establish an ‘External Office’ to coordinate all linkages established and the collaboration activities.


·         Contact stakeholders for possible collaborations

·         Contacted Mr. Edward Katende of Agribusiness Marketing centre, Mpoma Mukono

·         Anne Marie Va Mossel of BID network from the Netherlands

·         Iga Zinunula Samuel of IRIS Consulting with the possibility of collaborating on SMEs.

·         We received Prof. Katuse, The External examiner for the Department of Business Administration.

·         We receive Ms. Erin Truhler from the US Embassy in Uganda on the 20th of October, 2014

·         We received visitors from Angels to Angel’s ked by Mikel Samanlego in January, 2015 interested in funding Business Plans for students of Entrepreneurship.


·         The Department has been holding Business Plan competitions  together with the Entrepreneurship Center every year around May with the winners taking home cash prizes


·         We have Entrepreneurship students engaged in Investment clubs

•           Travel expenses

•        Return benefits

•       Identify 3 potential universities and get collaborations

•       Improve the Faculty website


·         Improve Faculty website appearance and information

·         Faculty web-site now partially updated.

·         Faculty has Face book, twitter and whatsapp accounts

·         Faculty has a permanent IT technician to work on constantly updating the Faculty website

Internet is unreliable


·         To continue updating details on our Brochures, Fliers and the Faculty website.

a)      Organize a newspaper supplement on our progress.


Enroll students for exchange programs



·         With the Copenhagen Business School and MUBS collaborations there was a suggestion for student exchanges which we expect to actualize in 2017